La vida, la confusión y el desmadre


This world never belonged to us
We took whatever we could carry with us and fled
Under the cover of night, our dark, yawning accomplice
Indeed, we move slowly in the daytime, from shade to shade
Living so close to the sun is like hiding hell in your attic

  But we barely notice the light boring into our skin
For the market never sleeps in this drowsy place
Even when the smell of fish and fruit fades
Beyond the shade of the variegated bazar tents
The banter and barter blossoms and beats
Listen: in the sidewalks and offices, brothels and churches
Ceaselessly we trade our time for slim chances
The old wait, watch and wonder
Maybe they know
And perhaps that knowledge subdues time around them

We are children of anarchy
Sifting this endless land for scraps of fortune
Under the gaze of predatory eyes behind the hills
Our gods are still whimsical savages
Dispensing death without deliberation
An improvised world does not tolerate mistakes
So we tread lightly upon this vast sleeping destiny
Whispering extortions like desperate serenades
Witnessing violence like lusty lullabies

You see, this home was never ours
We were just abandoned here, long ago, by a widowed history
So we carry whatever promises we can drag
The rest you can see discarded by the roadside
Scattered around the bed of earth, the smoldering fire
Where the incestuous devil lay with our daughters
War and famine? You don’t understand
We like to fuck our own monsters
We exploit them under thick blankets of legend and nightmare
And thrive in this neglect, this perfect freedom

No. None of this ever belonged to us
But that never mattered, we never cared
The celestial engine churns out time in perpetual rhythm
That heartbeat of the world you take for granted?

We draw life from its veins to quench our everlasting hunger –

Dante Perez

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